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Case against Bashundhara Group MD

Case against Bashundhara Group MD

 Case against Bashundhara Group MD

Bashundhara Group Managing Director (MD) Sayem Sobhan Anvir, accused in the case of recovering the body of a young woman at Gulshan in the capital, has been banned from traveling abroad by a court. Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Shahidul Islam on Tuesday granted the police's request for a ban. Police Inspector Abul Hasan of Gulshan Police Station filed the application.

Earlier, police recovered the body of a young woman named Mosarat Jahan (Munia) from a flat in Gulshan-2 on Monday evening. The girl's sister Nusrat Jahan became the plaintiff in the case and accused Bashundhara Group MD Sayem Sobhan of inciting suicide at Gulshan police station.

Nitat's father is Shafiqur Rahman, a heroic freedom fighter. Their home is Wazir Dighirpar in Comilla. Mosarat rented the flat a couple of months ago for one lakh rupees.

What is in the statement of case

Mosarat Jahan (21) Mirpur Cantt. Public school and college student. Mosarat met Sayem Sobhan Anvir, 42, accused in the case two years ago. Since the introduction they used to meet in different restaurants and talk on mobile all the time. At one stage, a love affair developed between the two.

In 2019, the accused identified Mosarat as his wife and rented a flat in Banani. There they began to live. In 2020, the family of the accused could find out about this love affair through a woman. The accused's mother then called Musarat and threatened him and told him to leave Dhaka. The accused sent his (plaintiff Nusrat's) sister to Comilla and promised to marry her later.

The accused last persuaded Mosarat on March 1. She took the identity card of plaintiff Nusrat and her husband to rent the house. He lured Mosarat to Dhaka. He rented a house (Flat-B-3) on Gulshan Road 120. In one of the rooms of the flat, the accused and his (plaintiff's) sister's husband and wife were photographed and tied up. When the accused came home, the room was kept tidy.

Through his sister, he (the plaintiff in the case) can know that the accused will marry him and stay abroad. Because, if the accused's parents do nothing to the accused if he is in the country, he will kill his sister. Since March 1, the accused used to come and go in the flat from time to time.

On April 23, Mosarat called him and said that Anvir had scolded him. Says why he (Mosarat) went to the house of the owner of the flat and had Iftar, took pictures. The flat owner's wife posted the picture on Facebook. This picture was seen by Opiasa, the girlfriend of the flat owner's wife. He will tell everything to his (accused's) mother.

The accused told Mosarat that he was going to Dubai so that he could go to Comilla. If the mother of the accused finds out, she will kill him (Mosarat). Two days later, on April 25, Mosarat called him (the plaintiff in the case). At that time, she cried and said that Anvir would not marry her, just enjoyed it. Quoting the accused, Mosarat said that the accused told him that he (Mosarat) had met his enemy. He will not leave Mosarat. Mosarat shouted that the accused had deceived him. His big accident could happen at any time. Let them (plaintiff Nusrat's family) come to Dhaka quickly.

Nusrat left Comilla for Dhaka with his relatives at around 2 pm. On the way back, he repeatedly called Musarat, but he did not answer. When he reached Gulshan's house, he knocked on the door and came down without getting any response from inside. They called the home intercom from the security guard's room. Later, he called the owner of the flat and advised him to break the lock and enter the house. After calling the mechanic and breaking the lock, he saw his sister wrapped in a scarf and hanging on the ceiling of the bedroom.

The police came and cut the veil and removed the body of Mosarat. Police took a picture with the accused, a diary written about the love affair with the accused and two mobile phones used by him as evidence.

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