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Garment manufacturers from 9 countries including Bangladesh are becoming one


Garment manufacturers from 9 countries including Bangladesh are becoming one

Garment manufacturers from 9 countries including Bangladesh are becoming one

Corona has reduced clothing sales in Europe and America. As there are still restrictions including lockdown in many countries, garment manufacturers from different countries including Bangladesh are getting less orders. Again, Western brands are going to court with garment factory owners to show the reason for the decline in sales due to the epidemic. Some are demanding a reduction in orders, while others are demanding late payments.

If these demands are not met, the brands are threatening to move to another company in another country. As a result, the owners of the garment factories are being forced to accept the demand for fear of losing their business. A Dhaka-based garment maker told Reuters news agency that buyers were talking about reducing orders and delaying payments. If I don't agree, they will move on.

To get rid of this situation, garment manufacturers from nine countries, including Bangladesh, are trying to form a policy or agreement among themselves. A draft document has also been prepared for this purpose. It may be finalized by the end of this month. Apart from Bangladesh, 13 garment organizations from China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco and Indonesia are involved in the initiative. It is a joint venture between Star Network and the International Apparel Federation, a garment manufacturer in Asia, funded by the German international development agency GIZ.

Reuters has seen the draft agreement. These include adhering to certain minimum conditions in the manufacture and sale of garments, demanding payment within a maximum of 90 days, discontinuing the practice of offering discounts after the order has been finalized, and so on. "We've been blindly trusting buyers for so long," said Miron Ali, a spokeswoman for Star Network. If they said, they are one lakh from us

Gauge wants to buy clothes, but wants to place the formal order after three weeks, that's when we would start work. But now that faith is lost.

The new initiative was announced by garment manufacturers in a statement last Thursday. It said garment makers were realizing their helplessness. In this case, they think they have to play a strong role as one. The next step in this policy or agreement is to set up an international arbitration system to resolve grievances received from buyers.


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