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If the custody briefing is involved in a clash, there will be no mattress


If the custody briefing is involved in a clash, there will be no mattress

If the custody briefing is involved in a clash, there will be no mattress

Sakhawat Hossain Razi, the central assistant secretary general of the extremist group, has said that if anyone clashes with Hefazat-e-Islam, he will not have a mattress. He made the remarks at a protest meeting on behalf of Hefazat's Dhaka Metropolitan at the Dhaka Reporters' Unity auditorium on Sunday.

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque was blocked at a resort in Narayanganj's Sonargaon on Saturday and the meeting was organized to protest the harassment. Sakhawat Hossain said, "Islam in custody speaks for the people, it speaks for the oppressed people. It is not a person-centered group, it is an organization of 160 million people. There are people from all walks of life here. Ever since Hefazat-e-Islam was formed, I have seen people all over the country with this organization. Because Hefazat never wants to grab the mattress by force, to bid. Our job is to speak out where Muslims will be persecuted. I will speak where faith will be affected. Hefazat will always speak for Islam. If anyone clashes with Hefazat, his mattress will not last. He will not have a mattress. '

Criticizing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's statement in Parliament about Mamunul Haque and his wife, he said, "The statement made by the Prime Minister is false, not true. He made this statement based on wrong information. We hope he will retract his statement. A chaste woman has been deprived of her character by slander. Bad criticism is going on about Mamunul Haque.

Mamunul Haque went to a resort with his wife. There, people of the ruling party, especially Chhatra League and Juba League, harassed him and tried to kill him. The audio clips that have been released in his name are not true at all. We will take legal action in this regard.

He added: "We could have protested in public. But I did not do that because of the corona situation. If we wished, we could have gathered 5 lakh people in Dhaka with a few hours' notice. But we didn't do that.

 The nation has come to know about the attack on ordinary worshipers at Baitul Mukarram on March 26. There was no group program that day. There was no such leader. The people chanted from their rightful place at the north gate of Baitul Mukarram that day. But before taking to the streets, barbaric attacks have been carried out on the general public. '

Sakhawat Hossain said that the incident in Brahmanbaria has been repeatedly reported in the media, where custody has been carried out. There were media people there. Is it possible to burn a tire on the road? Is there any party in Bangladesh who does not protest in the streets?

They do not burn tires? When the leaders of the political parties of Bangladesh take to the streets and burn tires, the media people do not call it violence.


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