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Khaleda Zia will be treated at home


Khaleda Zia will be treated at home

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, who was infected with coronavirus, returned home after undergoing a CT scan. He was taken to Evercare Hospital in Bashundhara residential area from his Gulshan residence around 9:30 pm on Thursday. He was taken home at 10:24 a.m. after his CT scan. Earlier, the former Prime Minister's personal physician. AZM Zahid Hossain said the report of the BNP chairperson's CT scan was good. It is learned that Khaleda Zia will be given medical treatment at her Gulshan residence in Firoza.

Khaleda Zia kept at home, said Dr. treatment. AZM Zahid Hossain. Last night, she said, her (Khaleda Zia) test report is very good. The periodic report has 'findings'. Clinically it is extremely minimal. Now Khaleda Zia will be given the necessary medical treatment at home.

Asked about the extent of Khaleda Zia's lung infection, she said, "I have explained this before." Extremely minimal, negligible amount. Which can be called mild in the true sense. Tomorrow (Friday) they will give a full report then it will be understood.

Khaleda Zia has taken all kinds of measures to treat. AZM Zahid said that all kinds of measures have been taken by the party and the family. As it is the seventh day, it cannot be said to be safe yet. It can be said after 12 to 14 days. We have constant observation. X-rays used to be done to detect lung infections but now CT scans are done. It understands everything well. Which is not understood on a normal X-ray. However, the CT scan report has come out much better. The symptoms of corona that are present in other patients were not Madame's.

Dr. "Our doctors wanted to see what was wrong with Madame's lungs," Zahid said. So today his CT scan was done at the hospital. The initial report I received showed that Madame had a very minimal infection in her lungs. After reviewing the matter, his daughter-in-law Dr. Zobaida Rahman and other doctors will discuss and add any medicine if needed. Next we need to closely monitor his physical condition. It will continue for the next 14 days.

Asking the people to pray for Khaleda Zia's recovery, Zahid said, "Medical arrangements have been made here (home) or in the hospital." It is not yet time to call him safe.

Zahid Hossain further said that Khaleda Zia's treatment will be discussed with her eldest son Tareq Rahman and his wife doctor Zobaida Rahman who are staying in London. Besides, discussions will also be held with foreign doctors.

Professor FM Siddiqui, head of her personal medical team, spoke to reporters after visiting the BNP chairperson at her home in Gulshan on Thursday afternoon. Dr. FM Siddiqui said, ‘Today is Madame Seven Day. Madame is now entering her second week in Covid's terms. There is a difference between the first and second weeks of covid. Covid's caution, as much as his complexity, is usually second to none. That's why we want to be a little more careful. "

Incidentally, this team of experts came to Firoza and saw Khaleda Zia that afternoon after she was attacked by Corona last Sunday. Four days later today, Thursday, they reviewed his various reports.


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