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Relatives took a Kovid-infected man from Old Dhaka to Mugda Medical College Hospital in Dhaka on April 8 for admission


Relatives took a Kovid-infected man from Old Dhaka to Mugda Medical College Hospital in Dhaka on April 8 for admission

Relatives took a Kovid-infected man from Old Dhaka to Mugda Medical College Hospital in Dhaka on April 8 for admission. He was rushed to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH). They went to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Hospital without getting a bed there either; But the situation is the same there. In this way, they have to go around by ambulance with the patient from 11 pm to 5 pm. In the end, the patient was taken home with oxygen as he could not find a place in any hospital. At home his physical condition continued to deteriorate, at one point his oxygen saturation dropped to 36. On the night of April 10, he was again admitted to Dhamek Hospital with great difficulty; But by then it was too late. Died a few hours after admission

Go to that person. Not only that person from old Dhaka, many people with covid patients are now visiting hospitals in the hope of getting a bed; But the golden deer has become like a new bed in the crowd of overcrowded patients.

Aminul Islam Babu, the DMK representative of our time, said that the patient pressure in the Kovid-19 unit of their hospital is now much higher than before. There are many patients who have to wait in the ambulance with oxygen even if they are brought for admission. Only when a patient is released or someone dies does the bed become empty. Only then does the bed have the opportunity to admit new patients. In addition, there is another system to provide treatment to more patients. If after a few days of treatment a patient is found to have a good oxygen level, there will be no problem in sending him home, then the patient is discharged and new patients are admitted.

An employee of BSMMU's Covid unit also said almost the same thing. He said that due to lack of beds, patients are coming back from their hospitals every day. The beds in which Kovid patients are treated have a central line oxygen connection. So it is not possible to treat more patients in bed. However, on the opposite side of the hospital, in the newly opened Betar building, patients can be admitted. However, patients who need oxygen cannot be kept in a wireless building. Because there is no central oxygen, patients with mild symptoms are treated there.

According to the Department of Health, there are 11,038 beds in the country's Corona-Detected Hospitals, including 10,364 general beds and 72 ICU beds, as of noon on Sunday. Of these, a total of 6,014 patients are admitted, including 5,464 in general beds and 530 in ICU beds. Even after that the patient's pressure is not going to be handled. However, although it is a picture of the whole country, the picture of Dhaka is different. At present, Kurmitola General Hospital in Dhaka has 265 beds for the treatment of Kovid-19 patients. On the other hand, there are 36 patients admitted. In other words, an additional 112 beds are being treated there. On the previous day, 324 patients were admitted to Mugda Medical College Hospital against 310 beds.

According to the information received, there are a total of 22 Corona Dedicated Hospitals in Dhaka, including 10 government and 12 private hospitals. These hospitals have a total of 4,400 beds including 4,023 general beds and 36 ICU beds. Of these, 3,572 are in general beds and 3,932 are in ICU beds. As a percentage, 8.55 per cent patients are admitted as opposed to normal beds and 90 per cent patients are admitted against ICU beds.

The 10 government hospitals in Dhaka have 2,018 general beds and 2,918 beds including 132 ICU beds. Of these, 2,465 are in general beds and 129 are in ICU beds with a total of 2,604 patients. The Government Corona Dedicated Hospital in Dhaka has 8.64 per cent admissions against normal beds and 98 per cent admissions against ICU beds. As of yesterday, 2 ICU beds were vacant at Rajarbagh Police Hospital and 1 at Mugda Medical College Hospital. Apart from this, ICU beds are not available in any other hospital. As a result, critically ill patients are suffering to get treatment. In this situation, the government has directed to start several more Kovid-19 dedicated hospitals in Dhaka. On March 22, the health service department sent instructions in this regard to the director general's office of the health department. Deputy Secretary of the Department of Health. According to the directive signed by Bilkis Begum, Lalkuthi Hospital, Dhaka Metropolitan Hospital, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, Dhaka North City Corporation Isolation Center and Government Employees Hospital are ready to deal with the possible situation due to the increasing number of Kovid-19 infected patients in the country. Given. Besides, the director of Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery was directed to start covid patient service activities in the institute. In view of that directive, several hospitals are being prepared for the treatment of Corona patients.


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