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If the situation had been favorable, perhaps the whole country,


If the situation had been favorable, perhaps the whole country,

‘The sky wakes up again / Life wakes up again / The last sun of the year comes again / The new sun of the new year comes again.’ If the situation had been favorable, perhaps the whole country, including the capital Dhaka, would have turned into a festival on the first day of Boishakh, welcoming the year 1428 BS. But the Corona epidemic has forced people across the country to stay indoors. As a result, this time the whole nation will celebrate the first Baishakh in a sad mood sitting at home under the shelter of technology.

However, whatever the situation, the President on the occasion of the first Baishakh. Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Chairman of the Opposition Jatiya Party Ghulam Mohammad Quader greeted the people. In the message, the President wished a happy Bengali New Year to all Bangladeshis living in the country and abroad. In a separate message and address to the nation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "Pohela Boishakh is a day of harmony for Bengalis, a day of great reunion for Bengalis." On this day, the whole nation woke up with new promises. Forgetting the sorrows, filth and failures of the whole year, I urge everyone to wake up today with new joy. '

Chayanat will be organized at Ramna Batamul, one of the first Baishakh events, and the Mars procession of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University will also be organized on a short scale this time. The Faculty of Fine Arts will celebrate the Bengali New Year on a limited scale. On the other hand, Chayanat will organize online culture. The event will be broadcast on Bangladesh Television and Chayanat's YouTube channel. The program has been arranged with lively songs, sayings and utterances on the occasion of the golden jubilee of people's welfare and freedom. Cultural organization Udichi will also hold online discussions and cultural events. Apart from this, various political and cultural organizations as well as private initiatives are also organizing the first Boishakh online.

In a statement, Laisa Ahmed Lisa, general secretary of Chayanat, said that like last year, Chayanat is being forced to celebrate Bengali New Year digitally. Mainly due to the deteriorating epidemic situation, they are refraining from the traditional arrangement of Ramna Botmul considering the health risks of all. Already, several of their artists and workers are affected by Corona. As a result, they are arranging the event digitally and in a mixture of old and new services, considering the safety of everyone. Even after that, on the first day of the Bengali New Year 1428, i.e. today at 8 am, Bangladesh Television will broadcast the compilation containing about an hour of their previous program.

Only 100 people will be able to take part in the Mars procession on the premises of the Faculty of Fine Arts following proper hygiene rules. Every year, the group theater federation, sages and music groups celebrate the first Baishakh in the capital through a massive event. There is no such event this year. Rishi Shilpi Gosthi will organize an event live from their Facebook page at 9 am today.

Meanwhile, the businessmen who played a role in making the first Baishakhar event beautiful are in dire straits. Around this day, those who have several days of employment arrangements, their heads and hands. In other years, on the first day of Boishakh, crowds of people could be seen from the sidewalks of the city to the alleys and shops. On the occasion of this festival, Dedar also sold colorful Baishakhi dresses. Online sales were also frozen. In this way, every year there was a business worth several thousand crores of rupees centered on the New Year. The rural economy was also booming in sales at the Boishakh-centric fair. But this time the corona infection situation has ended all the dreams of traders. Every year at the Baishakhi fair, Md. Sells various toys made of clay. Forkan Ali. He said it was already known because of Corona last year that the fair would not take place. But this year, as everything became normal, it was hoped that the Baishakhi fair would take place. According to him, I had made a lot of preparations. But these will not be sold as it is not fair again.

The issue of Halkhata is also closely associated with Pahela Boishakh. Traders feed sweets to buyers and customers in Halkhata. In the modern era, the pomp of Halkhata has faded a lot. Even then, many people have maintained the practice of feeding sweets. Banks and corporates have been newly added. They put sweets on top of everything when it comes to giving New Year gifts to their customers. As a result, the sweet business on the first Baishakh increased four to five times more than other times. But this time the sweet traders did not get any order due to the overall situation. The head of an organization involved in this business said, on the occasion of Boishakh, I get 20-25 tons of sweets from 50 companies including public and private banks, jewelery and electronics in other years. To meet that demand, our factory already produces 7-8 tons of sweets per day. But this time there is no pressure as there is no order.

Though not connected with the Bengali tradition, Panta-Hilsa becomes one of the occasional New Year celebrations in the divisional cities including Dhaka. As a result, a kind of competition was created among the city dwellers to buy hilsa. So the traders stockpiled fish from one and a half to two months ago to provide extra hilsa. Even after that, the price of the fish skyrocketed. But this time the picture is completely opposite. Corona has no interest in eating hilsa. Besides, to spend Baishakhi holiday with family or friends in Cox's Bazar, Bandarban, Khagrachhari, Rangamati and Sylhet. Some go abroad. But this time it is not possible as all the tourist centers of the country are closed and locked down due to Corona.


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