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The story mentions bees


The story mentions bees

Bees are the habitat of bees. Bees make beeswax out of wax from glands under their lower abdomen.

The bee has small hexagonal chambers. During the construction of the hexagonal chamber of the beehive, the temperature of the wax is usually between 33.8 and 36.6 degrees Celsius. The body temperature of the bee is a big factor in controlling the temperature of the wax. Bees store honey in these cells.

In addition, bees lay eggs, larvae and pupae in empty cells. The bees themselves make wax inside the body. This wax is actually an ester of fatty acids. Its chemical signal is: C15H31COOC30H61.

Beeswax is secreted from eight tiny glands in the body of worker bees. At the time of discharge, the waxy scales are transparent which turns white over time and later turns into a viscous color. Only one gram of wax is found in thousands of candles.

The beehive is said to be a marvel of engineering. This is because bees can make light but hard bees using a small amount of wax using hexagonal chambers. As a result, they can store a lot of honey in a limited space.

Scientists now mimic the structure of the beehive to create a flexible but low-space structure. Plane engineers, for example, use beehive-shaped parts to build strong but lightweight planes that consume relatively little fuel.

Bees make beehives to live in colonies together. In addition, there is less honey in winter. So the bees collect honey in the summer and store it in the hive so that it can meet the needs of the body during the winter. Each hive contains at least 10,000 bees, which require a lot of honey to survive.

In addition, they have to generate heat by absorbing more energy to maintain body temperature in harmony with the ambient temperature in winter. Honey plays an important role in controlling the temperature in the hive. Beekeepers collect honey by cutting the wax cover from each hive room with a knife or machine.


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