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The youth's scuffle with the police in the lockdown, showcasing three members of the police


The youth's scuffle with the police in the lockdown, showcasing three members of the police

The youth's scuffle with the police in the lockdown, showcasing three members of the police

The district police administration has protested over the incident of a young man named Shahidul Islam arguing with the police in front of the Model High School on Trunk Road in Feni town during the ongoing lockdown to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. Feni Model Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Yashmant Majumder and two constables were protested on Monday night.

In an order signed by Superintendent of Police Khandaker Nurunnabi, SI Yashomanta Majumder has been withdrawn (closed) from Feni Model Police Station and attached to the police lines. The superintendent of police also said that they were called to the office of the superintendent of police to show the cause of their incident on Tuesday.

A video of the incident on Sunday went viral on social media Facebook. In the video, it is seen that the police are trying to stop him by stopping the rickshaw and arguing with a young man without a mask.

What is seen in the video-

Shahidul Islam, a resident of Motbi Union in Feni Sadar Upazila, was traveling from Ukilpara to Trunk Road in a maskless rickshaw. In front of the Model School, Model Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Yashomanta Majumder and other policemen stopped his rickshaw. At that time the young man kept saying- ‘You have left another rickshaw! Why was my rickshaw seized? ’At one point, after forcibly removing him from the rickshaw, the young man started cursing. The young man wanted to know the reason why he was called 'crazy' when the police called him 'crazy'. When he tried to handcuff her, she got into a scuffle with four policemen.

Then the young man kept saying- ‘This country is the country of police. The police have a lot of power in this country, no! 'When a policeman could not handcuff him and grabbed him by the back, the people around the street started shouting loudly. After being handcuffed, the young man started punching the police.

At one stage of the clash, the situation got out of control and several policemen grabbed him and tried to handcuff him. 4/5 policemen forcibly threw him on the ground to handcuff him. One of the policemen shouted, "Handcuffs, hold on." In the face of the cannon of the crowd present at that time, they again grabbed the man and put on handcuffs.

When the crowd started gathering at the spot, Shahidul Islam said to everyone, "I was going to recite the Qur'an in the mosque. Please let me go." At that time, he refused to wear the handcuffs and started throwing his hands and feet randomly with abuse. At the same time, he shouted at the crowd and asked them to make a video.

Later, at one stage, young Shahidul Islam started shouting that it was the country of Awami League. He was later taken into police custody.

Officer-in-charge (investigation) of Feni Model Police Station Omar Haider said that after being taken to the police station, it was learned that the youth wanted to go viral for some time. He was released on bail if he did not do so in the future.

In this regard, Superintendent of Police Khandaker Nurunnabi said, the man is mentally unbalanced. When questioned by police while on duty, he gets angry at the police and comes to kill them. Then the police tried to defend themselves. It is not the intention of the police to lay hands on him. Feni Model Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Yashmant Majumder and other police personnel on duty at the time of the incident were called to the Superintendent of Police's office on Tuesday to show cause. Necessary action will be taken after listening to their statements.


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