What netizens made in the picture posted by Zayed Khan


What netizens made in the picture posted by Zayed Khan

Indian superhero science-fiction film Rawan was released in 2011. A well-known and widely used poster of the film was Shah Rukh Khan carrying Kareena Kapoor on his lap. It takes place as the icon poster of the Rawan movie. This Friday morning, Zayed Khan posted a similar still picture on his Facebook.

Zayed Khan is seen in a devastated but very brave role in the film. Faced with a tragic situation, the hero Zayed is bringing the heroine Snigdha in his lap. Here Snigdha fell on Zayed's lap wearing a red sari.

Although netizens matched one of the actions of the film with that poster of Shah Rukh Khan, in fact this film of Zayed Khan has a completely different atmosphere and a different story, in the context of the liberation war. In that film called 'Sonar Char', Zayed Khan will portray the character of a heroic freedom fighter.

Zayed Khan said, I had to change the look for this film. The producer is bringing out the real actor, constantly going through experiments. The movie 'Sonar Char' will be different, the viewers will get another Zayed Khan.

The shooting of the movie 'Sonar Char' has started from the morning of September 15 in Hotapara of Gazipur. Popular actresses Mausumi, Omar Sunny and Zayed Khan had earlier signed contracts to act in 'Sonar Char'. For so many days, there were doubts about who is acting opposite the heroine of the film, i.e. Zayed Khan. However, the newcomer heroine Snigdha is acting opposite Zayed Khan. This is going to be her debut through this movie.

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