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Zayed Khan's allegation in cyber crime

Zayed Khan's allegation in cyber crime

 Actor Zayed Khan has lodged a complaint with the Cyber ​​Security and Crime Division of Bangladesh Police. He has complained against several YouTube channels and individuals. Zayed Khan himself told Time News in a virtual call on Wednesday (September 22) at noon.

He said that several YouTube channels have been spreading false and baseless information in his name for some time. This has tarnished his reputation. In this context, the actor lodged a written complaint with the Joint Commissioner of the Northern Division of the Detective Police, Harun Aur Rashid. Police are investigating his allegations. Some of the accused have been taken into DB custody as the investigation has found the allegations to be true.

Who did you complain against? In reply, Zayed Khan said, "I have complained about the names of some people including YouTube channel MT World, Desh Bangla and Sadia, Raima Islam Shimu." I am preparing a case against them under the Digital Security Act.

Zayed Khan further said that some people are deliberately spreading false and baseless information in our name. These are defamatory for us. I have made a written complaint against the artists so that no one can spread false and misleading information. Monirul Islam, ADC of Cyber ​​Crime Department is investigating my complaint.

Earlier, Zayed Khan had filed a case in the name of Jamal Patwari under Sections 25 and 29 of the Digital Security Act and the Pornography Control Act of 2016. He was arrested by Tejgaon Industrial Area Police on August 14 last year. Jamal Patwari is out on bail in the case.

Zayed Khan has been associated with Dhaka cinema for more than a decade. He is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Zayed Khan has been elected general secretary twice in a row.

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