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Srilekha Mitra is a very popular name in Kolkata movies and series. Although he is now discussed or criticized on social media for various reasons

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Srilekha Mitra is a very popular name in contemporary Kolkata films and serials. Although he is now discussed or criticized on social media for various reasons.

Srilekha, who is wandering in the glittering colorful world, may not have had a foothold in this world. As soon as he passed BA, he got a job in Taj Hotel. In an accident Srilekha got a chance to stand in front of the camera and was able to prove himself.

Famous West Bengal writer Samresh Majumder has started a production company called 'Teleframe' with a few others. He has made great dramas and serials one after another. At that time he planned to make a serial drama based on Ranjit Mallick. He wrote the story of Srilekha's dramatic entry into the world of acting in a book called 'Alokit Andhakar'.

Samresh writes, "The name of the series is 'Girl's Love'. The girl who lost her mother thinks of her father as the world of meditation. Even though the girl grows up, she is only a girl to her father. We need a good actress. The problem is that she should not be too old. At that time, the actress was not in the industry. .

According to a well-known gentleman, the girl who came to the office at that time was about that age. There is 7 in the giant I asked and found out that he has already passed BA. The age could not be understood as there was simplicity in the eyes due to short appearance. She came after sari. After the skirt to act. The girl left as soon as she was informed. An hour later he came back wearing a skirt. He looked nice The girl was taken into the character by saying dialogue. Unfortunately for us, the series could not be completed due to various reasons. But the girl's acting fame spread from the studio. Later she was able to establish herself as an actress. The girl's name is Srilekha Mitra. "

Many more famous actors and actresses have emerged in the world of television and film in West Bengal with the help of Samresh Majumdar. The story will be told to the readers from time to time.

Written by Mahtab Hossain from Samresh Majumdar's Enlightened Dark Book

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