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Man catches cricket ball from 400 ft high drop to break world record

 Thimothy Shanon Jebaseelan (Sri Lanka/Australia) first attempted to break the record for the highest catch of a cricket ball in 2019.

However, the only thing he broke was his finger, resulting in a trip to the hospital and the record attempt being abandoned.

Fast forward to 2021 and Thimothy was finally ready to dust off his wicket-keeper gloves and try again.

Thimothy watching the drone take off

On 19 November 2021, Thimothy donned his protective gear and took to the centre of his local cricket field. 

A drone was flown high up into the sky above, carrying a cricket ball which would soon be hurtling towards him at a dangerously high speed.


The stakes were high, but Thimothy didn’t let the pressure faze him. 

Putting his body on the line once more, he expertly positioned himself underneath the falling ball and grasped it safely between both hands.

Thimothy catching the cricket ball

From a height of 119.86 m (393 ft 3 in), Thimothy successfully achieved the highest catch of a cricket ball ever.

The previous record was 114 m (374 ft), achieved by Kristan Baumgartner (UK) in 2019.

“Breaking a Guinness World Records title is my dream. Ever since I was a kid I have been dreaming of this.” - Thimothy


Thimothy was born in Sri Lanka and raised alone by his mother, as his father passed away when Thimothy was just three years old.

"Growing up in Sri Lanka wasn’t easy. When I told everyone about my dream to live in Australia, they laughed at me."

In 2018, Thimothy used all his savings to buy a one-way plane ticket to Sydney. He found a job which enabled him to support himself. He also raises money for orphans and widows living in Sri Lanka.

"My catch is more than just the honour of holding such a title. It is also so I can continue helping others in need," he said.


With his record title, Thimothy hopes to remain in Australia on a "Global Talent Visa".

I have been blessed with a great community in Australia." - Thimothy

Thimothy hugging a friend

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