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Monoara could not cast her vote even after the presiding officer washed his hands and jailed his fingers in the secret booth of the polling station.

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Voting in the Narayanganj City Corporation (Nasik) election started on Sunday morning and continued till 4 pm. Now waiting for the result at the end of voting. However, during the voting, presiding officers were seen entering a secret booth at the men's center of Nabiganj Girls' High School in Narayanganj at noon.

At 12:15 pm, the men went to room 2 of the center and saw that two people had entered the secret booth of the room at the same time. When the reporters wanted to know the reason for their entry, two people from the booth came out. One of them introduced himself as the assistant presiding officer of the chamber, saying, "People are not able to vote. Have to show Voters are annoyed by standing in line. '

When asked if he should enter the secret booth, he became furious. "Is it wrong to help people?"

Abul Kausar, a councilor candidate in the ward's wheelbarrow symbol, visited the center and expressed fears that voters would have to go back without voting in the end due to slowness in EVMs. "Voter turnout is good in all the centers," he said. But the vote is not being cast according to him. Many people have complained that their fingerprints do not match when they come to the polling booths.

Elections for the entire city have now been held on electronic voting machines (EVMs). Voting ends without a major incident. However, there was some tension among the supporters of the councilor candidates in some centers but the situation remained under control due to the intervention of law enforcement agencies.

Returning officer Mahfuza Akhter said the polling was over and counting of votes had started at 4:23 pm on Sunday.

He said, "Voting for the Nasik election ended at 4 pm. Since then, counting of votes has started in most of the centers. The results obtained from the center will be sent to the office of the Returning Officer. The results will be announced from there. '

He added, "The election was held without any violence. We hope that the candidates and voters will know the results in due course. '

The main rivalry with Taimur Alam for the post of mayor in this election is with Selina Hayat Ivy, the former mayor of Awami League for the last two times. Other rival candidates for the post of mayor are: ABM Sirajul Mamun of Bangladesh Khilafah Majlis (symbol of wall clock), Mashum Billah of Bangladesh Islamic Movement (hand fan), Rashed Ferdous of Bangladesh Kalyan Party (watch), Md. Of Bangladesh Khilafah Movement. Jasim Uddin (banyan tree) and independent mayoral candidate Kamrul Islam (horse symbol).

Many voters have complained that fingerprints do not match when it comes to voting in Narayanganj City Corporation (Nasik) elections. Such allegations were found at the Adarsh ​​School Center in Narayanganj on Sunday.

A woman named Monowara Begum came to cast her vote at around 11:15 pm. After standing in line for 15 minutes, when he went to vote, his fingerprints did not match in the EVM. He tried several times with all his fingers but could not vote. Later, on the advice of an Ansar member present at the scene, he washed his hands with soap and tried to apply gel on his fingers, but failed. After so many attempts, he was disappointed not to be able to vote and returned.

In this regard, the officials in charge of the center said, this problem is affecting almost all the elderly voters. After trying for 10 minutes, three senior voters were able to cast their votes. The monorail was not possible at all.

Presiding officer Shamsul Haque said only three people who had practiced voting came to the polling station. At the time, he admitted to slowing down EVMs without matching fingerprints.



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