Russian soldier's wife allows 'rape' of Ukrainian women!

 Russian soldier's wife allows 'rape' of Ukrainian women!

The wives of Russian soldiers have been accused of instructing their husbands to rape Ukrainian women. Ukraine's security forces (SBU) have shared an audio clip. The headline read: "Caught in the Security Service: Wives of Russian attackers have given their husbands permission to rape Ukrainian women."

An organization called Radio Liberty leaked an audio clip on April 12. They claim that his wife, Olga Bykovskaya, was instructing Roman Baikovsky, a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine, to rape the country's women. SBU shared this audio clip.

The British media claim that they have heard women's voices saying, 'Yes! Rape Ukrainian women. 'He then laughed and said,' But (I) have nothing more to say. Understood. 'From the end of the phone, a male voice is heard saying -' Then I will not tell you anything about rape. '

The male voice is heard to say more- ‘Can I really (rape)?’ Then Opash says- ‘Yes! I gave you permission. (Laughter) But use contraception. '

As soon as the audio clip was leaked, the Ukrainian detectives started trying to find out the names and identities of the men and women together with Radio Liberty. They claim that one of the phone calls was made from the Kherson region of Ukraine.

Ukrainian intelligence further claims that the two mobile numbers belong to the Russian network. They are 26-year-old Russian soldier Roman and his wife Olga. They are residents of Orel, Russia.

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