Actress made dress with 20 kg glass (video)


Indian TV actress and Bigg Boss contestant Urfi Javed made clothes with 20 kg glass. Discussions and criticisms have started on social media about him wearing glass clothes.

Urfi Javed shared a video on his Instagram account on Sunday, the Indian media Indian Express reported. As seen in the video, she is wearing a white top and a short skirt made of glass. This garment made of glass weighs 20 kg.

Sharing the video, Urfi said, "Yes, I was dressed with a piece of broken glass. I think I looked great. People call me weird, crazy! But just think how crazy and weird we all are. I'm strong enough to accept that, that's my strength! '

Urfi always loves to experiment with clothes. Sometimes he is praised, sometimes he is criticized. He is often trolled for his clothes. Many times, he responds to trolls.

Many are also making negative comments about Urfi wearing this glass dress. Below Urfi's video on Instagram, one commented, "Don't touch, it will be cut off." Another commented, "The window glass of the house is broken!" Did you take it later this time? 'A netizen commented,' Extremely smart, can be used as bullet proof, can be used for self-defense. '

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