Bangladeshi actor Siam is set to star in a Hindi film opposite Mithila Palkar, the famous Indian actress of 'Little Things'.

 Bangladeshi actor Siam Ahmed is set to star in a Hindi film opposite Indian actress Mithila Palkar, popular on Netflix's 'Little Things'. Javed Jafri, known as 'Suryavanshi' is with him. The name of the picture is 'In the Ring'. The film will be directed by American filmmaker Alka Raghuram. The news was first published on Friday by the US-based magazine Variety.

 Then in the first light Siam also confirmed. His character's name in the film is Raushan. For the first time in such a film, Siam is very happy with the opportunity to work. "An excellent job opportunity has opened up," he said. Actors from all over the world want to compete in different languages, in different stories, with different types of artists and directors. To work on new new experiences. It will be such a job for me. I am happy. '

Siam opposite Mithila Palkar in Hindi film

Siam added, "I auditioned the director and producers of this film four months ago. The director has been observing me ever since. Talking to me about the picture, about the character. Talking to the director about various issues including the change of character in some places with my opinion. You can say, I have started a beautiful journey around the film. '

Mithila Palkar is the heroine of Siam in the film. In this regard, Siam said, "Mithila Palkar's" Little Things "series is discussed. But I have seen Mithila starring opposite Irrfan Khan and Dulquer Salman in a Hindi movie called "Karwan". Great. There is excitement in working with him. But before that I think more about my character. '

About taking Siam, Sauvik Dasgupta, one of the producers of the film, said, "We saw a work of Siam sitting in Kolkata. The character in the film needs an eye that has Maya in it, there is also mischief. Siam's eyes match the character very well. After that we contacted him. 'But at first we were not supposed to do the work with any artist from Bangladesh. The people of the region of Kolkata speak Urdu-mixed Hindi. The producers were worried about whether it would be easier to work with artists from other languages.

Mithila Palkar

Sauvik added, "I thought, along with another producer of the film, Shreyashi, that there are a lot of talented actors in Bangladesh. You can work with them. We were happy with the first meeting with Siam. Because, the way he speaks, the way he behaves, the way he expresses — I like it all. Apart from that, I saw that he could speak Hindi fluently. '

It is learned that shooting will start at Kolkata location next December. In the meantime, Siam has started preparing for the character. It is a psychological thriller for a 16 year old Muslim female boxer from Khidirpur, Kolkata. The story of In the Ring. Screenplay and director Alka Raghuram. She had earlier directed the acclaimed documentary 'Burka Boxers' about Muslim women boxers in Kolkata.

Siam Ahmed

The film is being produced by Shreyashi Sengupta for Singapore-based Darpan Global and Souvik Dasgupta for Origin Global, India. The film is executive produced by Rick Ambrose from the United States.

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