‘I have trouble thinking I have to prove my status, I am alive, rumored angry Hanif saṅkēta

 "It simply came to our notice then. Popular presenter Hanif Sanket wrote on his Facebook status that he never thought of giving such a status to my death. Rumors of his sudden death have been circulating on social media since last Tuesday night.

Hanif Sanket is in dire straits mentally in this incident. Outraged, Hanif Sanket wrote, "A class of perverted minded people using social media are spreading anti-social activities by spreading false and misleading information about human deaths in the hope of increasing their view business and followers." News of my death spread.

I don't understand what kind of mentality they have behind killing a healthy person. Don't they think once, we have family, we have relatives, we have well-wishers? What could be their mental state in such news? I am healthy with the prayers and love of all of you.

I'm fine. I have not had any accidents. 'He added:' I sincerely hate those who spread such rumors.

I have already contacted the cyber crime authorities. They assured me that they would take action soon. Another request, never listen to rumors. You will pray for me. Your prayers and love are my path. '

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