‘Let there be a little peace’, Kiara jumped up when the topic of marriage came up, Kiara opened her mouth about marriage

 Rumors of love between heroes and heroines have become a trend in Bollywood. The better the chemistry on the screen, the more people talk about them. Bollywood star duo Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani came into the spotlight with the movie 'Sher Shah'. Rumors about these two stars started after this movie. That buzz is still there.

In the meantime, another new movie trailer of Kiara has been released. The actress is accompanied by Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor and Neetu Singh in the movie 'Jug Jug Jio' directed by Raj Mehta. On that occasion, the issue of Kiara's marriage came up anew.

At the release of the trailer, a journalist asked the actress about her wedding plans. Although she did not answer the question directly, Kiara did not avoid the question. He says that even if he is not married, he is happy that he is working and earning money.

Bhul Bhulaiya-2 has been released recently. Its box office collection is great so far. Several more movies are awaiting release. Since the release of 'Sher Shah', rumors have been circulating about the relationship between Kiara and Siddharth. The two have been seen together many times. It has been heard that they are dating. But both of them did not open their mouths on this issue.

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