The tree fell on the car, the actress survived for a while

 Ananya Guha, the actress of Indian serial 'Mithai' was involved in an accident while traveling from Baubazar in Kolkata to Studiopara in Tollygunge. His father was also with him. Suddenly a tree overturned on the road in their car. The accident happened while passing over SP Mukherjee Road. Ananya's car was severely damaged due to the incident.

However, neither the actress nor her father was injured. The locals opened the car door and rescued them immediately. Upon receiving the news, Kolkata police reached the spot. Disaster response forces also come. The tree has been cut down and removed.

According to Hindustan Times, the tree was uprooted due to the storm. Ananya was temporarily laid to rest due to the accident. The look of panic was evident in the eyes of the actress after she was taken out of the car. However, after a while, the actress got used to it and reached the shooting set.

The actress herself said on Instagram that she is quite healthy. Ananya wrote, ‘My father and I are very healthy. No one was injured. Thanks to everyone for thinking about us. Please do not spread false news. I'm fine, and I'm shooting sweet and Lakshmi Kakima superstar. '

Ananya is a well known name in the world of Bengali television. Ananya's identity is due to the series 'Krishnakali'. He gained immense popularity by playing the role of Munni. She is currently seen in two Zee Bangla serials, Lakshmi Kakima Superstar and Mithai.

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