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5 best female characters to get in Free Fire MAX Indian server (June 2022)

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5 best female characters to get in Free Fire MAX Indian server (June 2022)


Free Fire MAX is one of the premium names in the battle royale genre. The game's high-quality graphics and eye-catching dynamics make the title stand out from its competitors. Gamers can play with different in-game characters, equip pets, and use various upgradeable weapons with special perks.

The title has more than 30 characters with unique appearances and abilities. Players can choose their favorite character to purchase it with diamond or gold coins and take on their opponents. Female characters look cooler and offer great versatility to the players.

This article discusses the five best female characters for payers to acquire in Free Fire MAX Indian server.

Xayne and 4 female characters to get in Free Fire MAX Indian server

5) Steffie

Steffie's character offers the Painted Refuge ability in the FF MAX title. The skill helps the user to create a graffiti or aura, which reduces the damage taken by explosives by 15% and from bullets by 5% on its base level. The skill comes with a cooldown period of 45 seconds.

Players can improve the attributes of the skill by upgrading the character to its max level. At its maximum upgrade level, the character can help reduce the damage taken from explosives by 25% and bullets by 10%. The skill works for 10 seconds at the max level.

4) Laura

Laura is one of the coolest-looking female characters in Free Fire MAX on the Indian server. The character has an impressive skill called Sharp Shooter. At its initial upgrade level, the accuracy of the bullet is improved by 10% with scope-on mode.

Players can improve their accuracy by up to 35% by upgrading the character to its maximum upgrade level. The character is very useful for players who play the role of a sniper in the team.

3) A124

The A124 character is a suitable character for players looking to push their ranks to higher tiers. Her skill is called Thrill of Battle and comes under the active skill genre. The skill allows the user to convert 20 EPs within 4 seconds into HP at its initial upgrade level.

Upon upgrading the character to max level, players can convert up to 60 EP into HP within 4 seconds. The skill has a cooldown period of 10 seconds which is very helpful for using the ability again. The character is priced at 499 diamonds in the shop.

2) Dasha

Dasha is also a great female character and is suitable for beginners in the title. She has a passive skill called Partying On, which comes in very handy in controlling the recoil of different weapons and other abilities.

With the help of this skill, players can reduce the maximum recoil rate and recoil buildup by up to 6% on the initial upgrade level. The recoil reduction will help players to use weapons with better attributes. Dasha's other abilities include reducing fall damage by up to 30% and the time taken to recover from the fall by 60%.

1) Xayne

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Xayne is one of the best female characters available for players on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. The character has a very impressive skill called Xtreme Encounter. The skill allows the user to get 80 HP temporarily at its initial upgrade level. The extra amount of HP received is a great help in gunfights for players.

Along with extra HP, players also get increased damage to gloo walls and shields. Players can purchase Dasha's character for 499 diamonds from the in-game store.

Note: The list is subjective and solely reflects the author's views.

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