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5 best free action Android games of 2022,best android games 2022,The best free Android games 2022

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 1) PUBG Mobile (shooting game)

Tactical shooters are quite famous among mobile gamers these days as many titles like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Free Fire, Apex Legends Mobile etc. have appeared in recent years. Each title offers unique game content for players to enjoy.

Garena Free Fire is aimed at low-end smartphones, so its graphics quality can be disappointing. On the other hand, a game like COD Mobile offers an immersive experience but requires a decent device to run effectively.

Other tactical shooters like Apex Legends Mobile and New State Mobile (PUBG New State) are less polished than previous games. Thus, the only shooter that proves to be the best in PUBG Mobile.

Unlike COD Mobile, it does not require a high-end smartphone as gamers can perform better on 3GB RAM devices. Although the graphics of PUBG Mobile are not as impressive as Apex Legends Mobile and COD Mobile, they are still above average compared to Free Fire and its MAX variant.

This Android action game also has variants like BGMI and Game for Peace for countries like India and China respectively. Moreover, PUBG Mobile has the best esports scene in the world which surpasses almost all other shooting games.

2) MARVEL Future Revolution (RPG)

Role-playing games allow players to compete with their enemies by donning special abilities and hero-like characters. One can find a long list of Android RPGs on the Google Play Store which belong to different subgenres and have different storylines.

Among the variety of RPGs in the Play Store, players can find MARVEL Future Revolution, which allows players to experience the heroism of superheroes. Players can find a long list of Marvel superheroes that they can use as playable characters or in-game companions.

MARVEL Future Revolution also brings various MCU and comic related content.

3) Modern warships (vehicle combat)

Next on the list of best free action Android games is Modern Warships which belongs to the vehicular combat genre. Google play store has variety of vehicular combat action games but most of them are not up to par when it comes to graphics and spectacle.

Modern Warships is one of the best Android action games if users are looking to experience vehicular battle (battleships and planes, in this case). The graphics of Modern Warships are quite immersive which makes it a great choice for gamers.

4) Gangstar New Orleans (action-adventure/open world)

Google Play Store has some decent free open-world games, and Gameloft’s Gangstar New Orleans is one of them. The size of the game is also not that big compared to other top action-adventure titles.

Although Genshin Impact is arguably the best free-to-play open-world action-adventure game, it doesn’t run efficiently on most devices. Thus, the title Gangster remains the only suitable choice for most Android users.

The game takes place in a modern city with skyscrapers and also features vehicles, guns, melee weapons, and more. Users are required to complete a variety of missions to save progress in the storyline.

5) LOST in BLUE (survival)

The last Android action on this list is LOST in BLUE, which is a free-to-play survival RPG. The game features a scenario where characters are stranded on an island after a disaster or accident.

The game asks players to complete different tasks and survive several upcoming disasters. LOST in BLUE is arguably one of the best survival games you can find on the Google Play Store.

The game also has a feature where users can build their weapons and tools to help them in the storyline.

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