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Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) vs Vincenzo: Which Free Fire YouTuber has better stats in June 2022?

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 Ajjubhai (also known as Total Gaming) and OP Vincenzo are two of the most prominent Free Fire content creators. The former uploads videos related to numerous aspects of the game, while the latter is famous for his incredible gameplay and skill.

Over the years, both YouTubers have garnered impressive followings. Ajjubhai's channel currently has 32.6 million subscribers and more than 5.807 billion views. Vincenzo's channel possesses a subscriber count of 6.86 million, and his videos have over 470.541 million views.

The following section provides fans with a comparison of their stats in Free Fire.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and players from the country should avoid playing it on their devices. The images and stats mentioned below are taken from the MAX version, which wasn't on the list of banned apps.Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID and stats

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID is 451012596. He has the following stats:

Lifetime statsAjjubhai's lifetime stats (Image via Garena)

Ajjubhai's lifetime stats (Image via Garena)

Ajjubhai has competed in 1033 solo games and has 93 victories, ensuring a win rate of 9.00%. He has bagged 2616 kills, maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.78.

He has played 1838 duo matches and has 358 first-place finishes, leading to a win rate of 19.47%. In the process, the content creator has 7314 kills with a K/D ratio of 4.94.

Total Gaming has engaged in 12900 squad games and has bettered his opponents in 3071 matches, converting to a win rate of 23.80%. He has 49975 frags with a K/D ratio of 5.08.

Ranked statsAjjubhai's ranked stats (Image via Garena)

Ajjubhai's ranked stats (Image via Garena)

Ajjubhai has only played a single squad match in the current season. He secured the win and managed to kill three opponents.

He is yet to play any ranked duo or squad games.

Vincenzo has taken part in 1209 solo matches and has been victorious on 110 occasions, maintaining a win rate of 9.09%. He has 3071 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.79.

He has played 1758 duo matches and has remained unbeaten in 307 games, translating to a win rate of 14.46%. He has 5211 frags with a K/D ratio of 3.59.

The renowned YouTuber has also featured in 23830 squad games and has bagged 3924 first-place finishes, equating to a win rate of 16.46%. With 89180 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 4.48.

Both the K/D ratio and win rate need to be taken into consideration when comparing the stats of Ajjubhai and Vincenzo. In the lifetime stats, the former takes the edge in the duo and squad matches. However, in the solo mode, Vincenzo has the upper hand.

We can’t compare the ranked stats of the two YouTubers because neither has played any solo or duo matches in the mode, and Ajjubhai has only played a single ranked squad game.

Comparison: Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) vs Vincenzo

Type of matchesSoloDuoSquadSoloDuoSquad
Number of matches10331838129001209175823830
Win rate9.00%19.47%23.80%9.09%14.46%16.46%
K/D ratio2.784.945.082.793.594.48

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