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Free Fire MAX: 5 guns to increase headshot percentage and K/D ratio in ranked mode (June 2022)

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 Free Fire MAX is a prominent battle royale game.  

The game – Free Fire MAX – has been downloaded a million times, with the help of its premium quality graphics and great dynamics.  

Gamers experience exhilarating survival with weapon like assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns. 

However, with such a wide array of weapons, sometimes players find it difficult to choose the appropriate weapon for themselves.  

Players who play more in ranked mode always try to keep their stats on the better side.  

This includes having a high K/D ratio and a good headshot percentage.  

Players with a good K/D ratio and headshot percentage can easily attain the tag of a pro player. 

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Shotguns & ARs used to get better K/D ratio and headshot percentage in Free Fire MAX: 

5. M60 

M60 is a light machine gun (LMG) in Free Fire MAX.  

This weapon has a great ammunition capacity, which helps gamers pile up more kills and increase headshot percentage.  

The weapon deals average damage of 56 hit points, which is enough considering its high ammo capacity. 

Players can carry up to 60 bullets per round in the M60 weapon.  

The weapon also offers a significant rate of fire, which plays a crucial role in close-quarter battles. 

4. M1014 

M1014 comes under the shotgun category in the title. 

It deals heavy damage to opponents in a 1v1 battle.  

With good head accuracy, the player can quickly take down the entire enemy squad in seconds and improve his K/D ratio. 

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The weapon comes with a base damage of 94, enough to take down a rival in a single shot.  

It can carry up to six bullets per round, which is very handy in 1v3 and 1v4 combats.  

3. AWM 

AWM is the best bolt action sniper rifle in Free Fire MAX.  

The weapon can defeat an enemy player with level 3 armour and a helmet.  

It offers an undeniable advantage to gamers in long-range battles. 

The weapon can be equipped with a suppressor, further improving its stealth.  

It has a base damage of 90 hitpoints.  

The pre-equipped 8x scope makes it easier for players to spot enemies in mid-range and long-range battles.  

The weapon is only available in airdrops and has an ammo capacity of five bullets per round. 

2. Groza 

Players looking to improve their headshot percentage and K/D ratio in ranked mode can opt for Groza.  

The weapon has impressive damage per hit, making it lethal in close and mid-range gunfights.  

The only con for this assault rifle is being an airdrop-exclusive weapon. 

Groza has a base damage of 61 hit points, and two headshots are enough to eliminate an enemy from the match.  

The gun has excellent range and stability, making it suitable for mid-range sprays.  

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1. M1887 

M1887 is one of the deadliest weapons available for players to boost their K/D ratio and headshot percentage.  

With the perfect use of this shotgun, players can destroy the entire lobby with a high number of kills in ranked mode.  

The shotgun has two bullets per round. 

It has the highest damage in the Free Fire MAX title of 100.  

The weapon has no space for any extra attachments.  

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