'I deserved it', Madhavan opens his mouth after being trolled in Hindu calendar debate on Mars


Actor R Madhavan in the debate before the release of the film. Commenting on the promotion of 'Rocketry: Davy Nambi Effect', he remarked that ISRO had sent a spacecraft with a Hindu calendar into space. It didn't take long for his comments to go viral. After that Madhavan became a victim of trolls. This time the actor opened his mouth about the matter.

Madhavan has admitted his mistake in the tweet. Admitting the mistake he made, the actor said it was his due. Like Madhavan's comment, his tweet has also gone viral. Besides, Madhavan was also seen praising ISRO's Mangalyaan.

What exactly did the actor say? The actor, who came to promote his upcoming film, claimed that the Indian Space Research Organization had taken refuge in the Hindu calendar before sending the spacecraft into space. ISRO sent a rocket into space after seeing the Hindu calendar.

Many did not expect such comments from an educated, tasteful actor like Madhavan. Disappointed netizens claim that not everyone can understand science. One wrote, ‘Science is not understood by everyone. But it is better to keep your mouth shut than to make a fool of yourself by making a mistake. '

Many have claimed that Madhavan is making irrational comments after learning from WhatsApp University. What he said is not possible for a real intelligent person to say. Madhavan's fans are also disappointed to hear his demand.

After being the victim of constant trolls and criticism, the actor has finally opened his mouth about the matter. "I deserved it because I called the calendar Panchanga in Tamil," he tweeted. I am very ignorant. However, the success of the Mars mission with only two engines is not a lie. It's a record. The development engine is a rockstar. '

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