Milon Kumar, a boy from East Burdwan, went viral on social media after Bhuvan Badyakar


In the current era of world musicians, it doesn't take long for anything to go viral on social media. And if a talented person wants to convey his own talent to everyone!

Then he succeeds. Needless to say. Ranu Mandal and Bhuvan have become celebrities overnight thanks to social media.

Milon Kumar is going to get a place in the music company that brought Bhuvan Badyakar to the first studio.

After Ranu Mandal and Bhuvan Badyakar, Milon Kumar, a boy from East Burdwan, went viral on social media.

Milon Kumar is a resident of Nityanandapur in Burdwan number one block of East Burdwan district.

Milon Kumar was born into a poor family. So from a young age he had to fight with financial difficulties. From a very young age he had a deep interest in music.

But his desire to learn music remained unfulfilled due to lack of financial means. However, he learned music from his father at an early age to carry out that unfulfilled wish.

And today he is going to be a celebrity thanks to that song. This Milon Kumar beautifully sings the song of Kumar Shanu, the late artist cake in his own throat.

Milon Kumar lives in a hut surrounded by triple and bamboo. The family has two children, a wife, a sister and a sick parent.

So Milon Kumar went to Burdwan Katwa local train to satisfy his hunger and listen to the songs of the passengers there. After listening to Milon's song, the passengers were happy and his family survived with whatever money they paid.

But since this Milon Kumar went viral, he has been called to various places to do shows. Milon Kumar set foot in the music studio holding the hand of Twilight Bela Music.

Like Bhuvan Badyakar, Milon Kumar is also a platform for singing by this music company.

It is rumored that Milon Kumar's music video is going to be launched next week. Then Milon Kumar, a boy from East Burdwan, went viral on social media.

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