Pawan Singh loses control after seeing the characters in the finfin dress, don't forget in front of the kids

 Pawan Singh is one of the superstars and singers in the world of Bhojpuri Cine. On the other hand, Akshara Singh is one of the boldest actresses. Like watching her sex appeal.

You can appease superstars like Pavan in full application. Recently, a music video of Pawan with Akshara Singh has hit social media.

The name of the new song of this pair - Hothlali se roti bor ke. This song is quite popular on YouTube. So far, many viewers have watched this music video.

Needless to say, lately Bhojpuri songs or bold music videos have become quite popular.

Even without understanding the language, many are addicted to such bold music videos. These videos are being clicked countless times. Especially middle-aged people are enjoying this kind of romantic video. However, it is better not to show this music video in front of children, because every music video is for adults.

Akshara Singh, also known as Pran Bhomra in Bhojpuri cinema. Of course, day by day the number of stylish actresses like her is still much higher.

The pair of Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh are still being searched on YouTube, although in reality there is a real rift between them.

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