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PUBG Mobile or BGMI players are exploiting a glitch to enter the Bunker in Erangel Core Circle mode

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The Bunker Glitch in Erangel Core Circle mode

In the Core Circle or the Evangelion mode, the entity known as the 6th Angel, attacks and destroys the base on the map. This base has a very high density of loot, enough to gear up a whole squad. Inside this base, upstairs, there’s a room/ bunker covered by protective glass which has even more loot but is only accessible after the base is destroyed.

PUBG Mobile version 2.0 update, PUBG Mobile Evangelion Core Circle mode
Image via Krafton

However, by exploiting this bug or glitch, a player can access the room and its loot beforehand. Also, while in the room, the players are immune from all enemy attacks no matter how much they shoot or how many grenades they use.

How to trigger the Glitch in Erangel Core Circle mode

To trigger the glitch, players have to land on the base first. They then need to eliminate any immediate threats and go upstairs outside the room. Follow these instructions to enter the bunker:

  • Go to the corner of the room behind the staircase railing.
  • Crouch down facing the corner.
  • Tell your teammate to prone below or near you and try again and again until you finally find yourself inside the room.
  • It is to be noted that this cannot be done in a solo attempt. At least one teammate is always required.

You can further check a visual approach below on how to trigger the glitch in PUBG Mobile.


It is against game ethics to use bugs and glitches to your advantage, and the player can be penalized for this offense. This article is for entertainment purposes and does not encourage anyone to treat the glitch as an in-game feature and gain an upper hand.

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