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PUBG: NEW STATE PUBG New State Brings Line Friends with the June Update Line Friends have joined PUBG New State.

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PUBG New State is here with its latest update and this time around it has a special collaboration for the players to enjoy. New State's latest collaboration is with Line Friends, these are characters that have been created by a South Korean designer, Kang Byeong Mok, they are inspired from the stickers from Naver Corporation and the Line Messaging application. BROWN, CONY and SALLY have joined New State and the players have a chance to take part in the collaboration till July 21, 2022.

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New State and Line Friends Collaboration

New State and Line Friends Collaboration is live in the game and the players can start working for the new cosmetics that are coming with the crossover. PUBG has introduced a great collection of Line Friends-themed items that include a costume, helmet, emote, vehicle and melee skin, these can be acquired through the collaboration crate that is available in the in-game store. New State has also decorate some POIs with the Line Friends decorations, the Mall region on Troi has been customised with the Line Friends aesthetic and also has a Line Friends Store to celebrate the crossover.

Other than the cosmetics, there are more items that players can work towards. There is a profile reward event that players can compete in for more rewards. The rewards include LINE FRIENDS-themed profile image, BP random crate, title, profile frame, chicken medal and profile frame effect. To get these rewards the players will have to complete the daily missions provided by the game. The June update has brought more changes to the game play and battle pass too.

Weapon Customisation

Two weapons have received additional customisation slots to upgrade the weapon customisations and provide it with viability, these include the Micro UZI and the M16A4. For the Micro UZI, the players can now add a Laser Sight for better accuracy in the game. With the M16A4, the players can add an enhanced barrel which helps with increasing the burst fire rate and a grip has also been provided to improve vertical recoil control.

Survivor Pass Vol. 8

With Line Friends and New Weapon Customisations, the players have also received a whole new battle pass. This one will include Alex May from the Strategist Faction arriving to New State. Through the Survivor pass, the player will be able to work towards earning the Alex May costumes and character appearance, they will have to finish all the story missions to acquire these items. Players that will opt to upgrade to the premium pass will receive Alex May's Moonlight Goddess costume.

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