Shaking Net Duniya is the new song of Bhuvan Badyakar


Shaking Net Duniya is the new song of Bhuvan Badyakar

In the present age, social media has become an important medium for today's generation. Many people are using this social media as a tool to show their talent in front of thousands of people.

 You are also getting fruits in hand. It doesn't take long for anything to go viral on social media these days.

And if a talented person wants to convey his own talent to everyone! Then he succeeds. Needless to say.

Needless to say, the children are not far behind. Recently, Bhuvan Badyakar's new song 'Badam Beche Khai Celebrity Bhai' went viral on social media.

Some share videos of their songs, some dance, some draw or recite on social media pages. And in an instant it reaches millions of people. Bhuvan Badyakar of Kuraljuri village of Laxminarayanpur gram panchayat under Dubrajpur in Birbhum district went viral due to this media. Professionally Bhuvan Babu was not a singer.

He was a seller of raw nuts. He used to sell nuts by singing self-composed songs. At one point his song went viral on social media. He has been a celebrity ever since. One after another, the call started coming to different places. He is now performing in various places including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. Recording new songs.

This time in a video, the world musician was seen dancing to his new song. Off-white Punjabi, with red jacket and red dhoti on top. Many beautiful women are dancing with Bhuvan Badyakar.

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