Trolled Malaika: Buttoned jacket on top of nominal top, I want to show fashion even when I am old!


Trolled Malaika: Buttoned jacket on top of nominal top, I want to show fashion even when I am old!

Malaika Arora became a troll when she sat up. She has not yet learned to dress appropriately for her age.

Despite having a young son, he is still in love with Arjun Kapoor, who is much younger than him. This is why some social media policy makers are unhappy, who do not let Malaika hear anything when they get a chance.

Arjun Malaika has recently returned to Mumbai after a trip to Paris. As soon as the two of them landed at the airport, fans and paparazzi surrounded them. Malaika got stuck in the rush to take pictures. Arjun is seen holding her close like an ideal lover.

But netizens have started trolling after watching the video of the two at the airport. Basically, laughter is going on with Malaika's clothes. The actress is wearing a button-down jacket over a small tube top. Some netizens have claimed that the issue is very unsightly.

One writes that he could have unbuttoned his jacket ‌ but Malaika's hobby is always 'body show'. Another claimed that Arjun Malaika thinks less of a lover, more of a mother and son. Even Arjun was not spared from the hands of the trolls. Like Malaika, some have ridiculed her as an 'old woman'.

After parting ways with Arbaaz Khan, Malaika got into an argument with Arjun. But even though he is a troll, he does not pay special attention. He knows very well that there is a lot of criticism about his clothes in Netpara. But Malaika did not change herself despite all the insults.

Arjun has always supported his lover's decision. According to him, it is foolish to judge someone's relationship by age. "We don't pay attention to 90 percent of the trolls," he said. Because these are all fake. When those people saw me, they rushed to take selfies. What I am not doing in my personal life is entirely up to me. As long as my work is being discussed, nothing else matters. ”

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