Urfi Javed on Udaipur massacre: 'Allah did not say to spread hatred and kill people in his name'


The whole country is vocal against the brutal massacre of Udaipur (Udaipur Murder). Two miscreants killed a tailor by slitting his throat after posting in support of Nupur Sharma's remarks.

 He then said in a video message that the killing was to avenge the insult to the Prophet. The people of the country are getting horrified by the horror of the incident. Bollywood stars are responding to the issue. Among them is Urfi Javed.

Urfi shared two viral videos of the massacre. Expressing surprise and anger, he wrote, ‘Where are we going? Didn’t Allah say to spread hatred in his name and kill people? ’Urfi did not stop there.

"People are killing innocent people in the name of religion and God (their imaginary friend)," he wrote with a sharp sneer. Hate is spreading. What's going on? Why aren't we talking about education, women's empowerment, rape cases, GDP? Religion was created to awaken the moral consciousness of the people. Today, religion is taking away people's principles. Extremism in the name of religion will only destroy! It's not too late yet. Open your eyes. I know I have to deal with a lot of hatred after that, but at least I'm not as hateful as these extremists. "

Kanhaiyalal's eight-year-old son, a resident of Udaipur, shared a post from his mobile in support of former BJP leader Nupur Sharma's statement. And Kanhaiyalal had to pay the price of that 'crime' with his own life.

The assailants have spread a video on social media. At the beginning there was a tailor Kanhaiyalal measuring the clothes of two people. After that, two miscreants killed Kanhaiya by cutting his throat with a meat cutting knife.

In the video, they confessed to the murder in a cheerful voice. The spread of the video has caused great anger and panic. Police have already arrested the two killers.

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