Viral video of Ranu Mandal's romantic dance with a young man of his grandson's age This video has gone viral on social media recently


U Ranu Mondal danced with a young man of his grandson's age in the song 'Come closer'.

Viral video right now. Hopefully there is nothing new to say about Ranu Mandal. A couple of years ago, this vagabond Ranu Mandal was seen in the station premises of Ranaghat.

Then he went viral by singing the song 'Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai'. A young man named Atindra came up holding the hand of everyone.

Then Himesh Reshammiya's hand started his journey in the song career. It was going well for some time.

Yes, for a while. His happy life did not last long. He lost that place today due to his own fault. Now he lives in that broken house in Ranaghat.

His day goes by thinking more than any opinion. Now there is no recording of any song or even stage show. However, from time to time, YouTubers gather at his house. And thanks to them, Ranu Mandal's face can be seen in the video.

Sometimes he sang, sometimes he danced, and sometimes he came up in the headlines because of the baseless comments. This time Ranu Mandal was heard singing 'Radha Tumi Sabetei Acho' after hearing the lyrics from a YouTuber.

 This song of Ranu in a tender voice has touched everyone's heart at the moment. However, this is not the end. Ranu Mondal was also seen dancing with YouTuber after the song.

She was seen dancing with her grandson's age to the song "Come closer, closer". Nightie is wearing. Recently, a video from a YouTube channel called ular Popular Upadtes' went viral on the net. Recently, the video of this dance of Ranu Mandal has gone viral.

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