Viral youth singing in the style of Arijit Singh, video


Who doesn't love to listen to music. The song is usually everyone's favorite, if it is sung by Arijit Singh, needless to say. Music is an extraordinary genius that can penetrate deep into the human heart.

And Arijit Singh's song expresses thoughts in people's hearts. At present, there are no people who have not fallen in love with Arijit Singh's songs. The whole world is now a fan of Arijit. In the present era, many new singers have been inspired by Arijit Singh.

 Now almost everyone wants to be like Arijit Singh. All the new singers of this generation are gurus or their own lives

And just like Arijit Singh, there are many talented artists hiding in different parts of the country. Some of them can showcase their talents while some talents are suppressed due to lack of funds all over the world.

But the present era has changed. The talents that have been dormant in different parts of the country and now they are able to show their talents to the people of the country through the net. Now there are many artists on social media who have won the hearts of many people with their songs.

And it goes viral in a matter of moments. Just like this, a talented artist Arijit Singh's song "Ken Pichu Dako Pichu; Dako Amare Tumi" has created a storm on social media.

Singing like Arijit Singh is not easy. It is very difficult to sing on the scale that Arijit Singh sings. Almost all the fans of Arijit can be heard in the whole of Bengal, why in the whole of India, in the whole world, the second Arijit will not be seen anywhere. But no!

A young man from West Midnapore has won the hearts of all by imitating Arijit's voice and singing in his style. His video has recently gone viral on social media. There is a storm of praise in Netdunia.

Akash Kumar Das, a youth from Bahulasini village in Debra block of West Midnapore. By profession he is the postmaster of the subdivision. However, besides his job, he used to practice singing from a young age. And considered Arijit as his ideal. In the caption of the video, he writes, "I was thrilled to hear Gurudev Arijit Singh's song, how fluently he sang… so I tried a little too."

And the video shows the young man singing in a black and white frame. A few days ago, Arijit Singh touched the hearts of all on the All India stage. The audience was trembling. And by singing that song sung by Arijit Singh, this young man named Akash has won the hearts of everyone like Arijit Singh.

Netizens have found Arijit Singh II in Akash's voice and Akash's fame has been growing ever since. Now the only dream of that young man named Akash is to meet Arijit Singh once and bow down to him with his hands and feet. 

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