101 crore defamation case, Shah Rukh Khan in misery! Filed against King-Khan


The controversy should not leave the king of Bollywood behind. In 2016, the life of gangster Abdul Latif was made into a movie Rice.

Shah Rukh Khan acted in that film. But Abdul's family members filed a case against the film. Abdul's family claimed that Abdul was not properly portrayed in the film. They also demanded Tk 101 crore.

They filed the case in a court in Gujarat. However, the lower court has issued a stay order in the case. Not only did the controversy end here, he went to Gujarat to promote the film. One person died mysteriously there.

Although he was acquitted of the case only a few days ago, he got involved in the controversy again. The story of Shah Rukh starrer Rais revolves around the biography of Abdul Latif, a terrorist from Gujarat. The man was involved in murder, kidnapping and selling illegal liquor.

But Latif's son Mustaq Ahmed filed the case in the High Court as Latif's character was not portrayed in that way. However, as Mustaq died in the meantime, his wife and two daughters are now continuing the case

However, in this context, Shah Rukh Khan's lawyer said that if a person files a case in the court, then if that person dies, that case also becomes inactive. The filmmaker then had a conversation with Latif's family before making the film. However, the case should not be filed after so long.

The film was based on the biography of Abdul Latif. This Latif was associated with many crimes. He was taken into custody but was shot dead by police as he escaped.

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