Don't forget to click in front of the family, this web series is full of intimate scenes, don't forget to watch in front of the family


At present, along with movie serials, there is a new addition to the glamor industry, web series. In fact, adapting to the technology, now everyone likes to watch different web series through the internet.

Some of the most popular adult web series in the digital market. Owl, Prime Shot, Koku etc. releases one or another web series almost every day. The popularity of web series full of sex is not less. Each web series is watched by millions of people.


Recently, the popular OTT platform Ullu has released the web series Patra Petikar Season 1. Ever since the release of the trailer for this web series, many have been waiting for just one reason.

That is the technology of the web series actress Dusan. This letter has played the lead role of technology in Petikar Season 1. Millions of netizens are fans of actress beauty. Can't wait to say that his new web series will be a superhit.

Technology Dusan is a very bright star in the world of Hindi TV serials and web series. He has also released several web series starring owls and other places.


One of the most recently released web series is the third season of Jalebi Bai. This web series has also reached its peak of popularity since its release. Besides, this actress has proved her skills in web series like 'Tinku Ki Suhagarat', 'Gachhi' etc.

The name of the character of the technology in the newly released web series is Lata who became involved in an illicit relationship with the village postmaster and became the center of practice in the whole village.

Rinku, on the other hand, plays another village girl who is the owner of a brothel. The history of Patra Petika 1 web series has been made with their life story.

It is worth mentioning that along with technology, the performances of Rinku Ghosh and Shweta Ghosh in this web series have won the hearts of everyone.

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