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Superman & Lois and Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin talks about one odd similarity between his two characters, the Man of Steel and Derek Hale.

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 Superman & Lois and Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin talks about the biggest similarity between his two characters, Clark Kent and Derek Hale. When it comes to Superman, several actors have brought the iconic role to life, whether in animation or live-action. Currently, Tyler Hoechlin is carrying the mantle as the latest live-action take on the Man of Steel. He began his run as Superman during Supergirl season 2, when the series moved over from CBS to The CW, as he became the Arrowverse's Man of Tomorrow.

However, before Hoechlin landed the DC gig as Superman, the actor had garnered a lot of fame through a different genre series, MTV's Teen Wolf. Loosely based on the '80s comedy film, the gritty reimagination followed Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, who gets werewolf powers after being bit by an Alpha. That Alpha was none other than Hoechlin's Derek Hale, who served as a mentor-figure for Scott. Several years since the show ended, Hoechlin will be back for Teen Wolf: The Movie, which will debut on Paramount+ later this fall.


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While Hoechlin is returning for Teen Wolf: The Movie, the actor is also still acting in Superman & Lois, which will go into season 3 next year. Even though the two franchises are separate, there is one specific similarity between Hoechlin's two characters. In an interview with US Magazine, he talks about returning to the Teen Wolf universe after having played Superman for a certain amount of years, and how both of his characters have now become a father in both properties.

I’m racking up the fake sons right now. I really am.

On Superman & Lois, Hoechlin's Clark has two teenage sons, Jordan and Jonathan Kent, with the former having superpowers like the Man of Steel. However, Teen Wolf: The Movie will introduce viewers to Derek's son, Eli Hale. Played by Vince Mattis, the sequel will see Eli join the popular franchise, although very little information has come out about his role thus far. The only detail that has been confirmed thus far is that Eli is 15 years old, which will be interesting to follow given that Teen Wolf as a show only ended 5 years ago, in 2017.

Even though it was likely coincidental, it's still funny that both of Hoechlin's popular characters are now fathers in their respective universes. While Clark is married to Lois Lane, it remains to be seen who Eli's mother is, or if Derek perhaps adopted him. Despite the fact that Eli is 15 years old in Teen Wolf: The Movie, it doesn't seem like the sequel project is doing that big of a time jump. That's why Eli being adopted would make more sense - unless there is a supernatural reason for Derek's son to be a teenager already.

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