Vaizhan was seen dancing with Pooja Heggar in a bad manner, part of the angry netizens


Bollywood's nephew is Salman Khan. Millions of people are waiting to see him on the screen. The Bollywood superstar will soon be seen opposite Pooja Heggar in a film. The two stars will be seen sharing the screen at the same time in the 2023 film 'Kavi Eid Kavi Diwali'.

However, all the netizens were outraged to see what the actor did while performing a dance performance with Pooja Hegdar on a recent show.

Besides, his countless fans have also become angry. It doesn't take long for anything to go viral on the net. And it doesn't take long for any pictures or videos of people in the star world to go viral.

Recently, a video went viral on Instagram showing Bollywood's Salman Khan performing with Pooja Hegdar on one of the shows.

They were seen dancing to the popular song 'Jhumme Ki Raat Hai' from his film 'Kick'. And watch the video of what the nephew did with the actress's short dress while stepping on the dance hook.

In the photo, the nephew was seen dancing with a part of Jacqueline Fernandez's shirt on her face. However, the actor himself was in trouble as Pooja Hegdar's shirt was too short.

And finding no way out in that situation, Vaizhan wanted to do that step with a small part of the actress's dress in her mouth. But by then the song was over.

And seeing this scene, his countless fans as well as all netizens have become very angry. Needless to say, even though the netizens were angry, Vaizhan did such an act for his own performance at that moment. It was clear from the viral video that he had no ill intentions.

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