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Ancient Mysterious Life Millions of years old mysterious creature found in Japan, scientists shocked by viral video


Earth has always changed and is still happening today. Day by day people are progressing towards development and along with it lifestyle and lifestyle are changing. There was a time when humans lived like animals, that time was called prehistoric age. There were many animals in that era, which are not seen today.


Some such extinct animals are mammoths, woolly rhinos and dinosaurs. These are animals that disappeared from the earth billions of years ago. But recently, billions of years old organisms are coming back, such news has come to the fore. It is surprising, but it is true. Such videos have gone viral on social media, which is surprising.

The video shows the mysterious creature that is millions of years old. It is quite strange in nature. This shark lived on earth 40 million years ago. It is also known as 'The Frilled Shark'. It was found on the island of Awashima in Japan. was swimming in the water. Reportedly, this shark has 300 teeth, which makes it quite dangerous.


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