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Bile saw the pull! The moment of the monkey's murder is viral


In today's age everyone is addicted to social media. Where children are not left out. Kids may not be able to run Facebook WhatsApp on their phones but they can peep YouTube.

In this generation, not only 80-year-olds but eight-year-olds and arguably even younger children are addicted to phones. Mother's baby drinking children are also looking at the phone. New generation kids are watching something on YouTube every moment especially cartoons.

But not only human babies, a video has gone viral on social media where monkey babies are also addicted to phones.

Yes, you might laugh, but it's true. Forest department officer Sushanto Nanda has posted such a video on a social site Twitter. The video was posted by an ID named (3). Where in the video, the baby monkey has done such activities that many people have commented funny. Of course, you can't stay without commenting on such a funny video.

In a recent viral video, a man was making a video of a baby monkey and suddenly the baby monkey snatched the phone from the person and ran away. Then when the mother of the cub came and took him away, the monkey cub also started crying. That is, he does not want to leave the phone at all.

 People on social media got a lot of fun seeing such activities. While posting the video there again, the forest department worker captioned it “Our new generation”.

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