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BTS fans say ‘we are by your side' HYBE and BigHit stay silent over Jin's reality show premiere which trended on YouTube at No 2 and his OST win at TTA 2022


BTS fans say ‘we are by your side' HYBE and BigHit stay silent over Jin's reality show premiere which trended on YouTube at No 2 and his OST win at TTA 2022

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: On August 17, Top Ten Awards 2022 announced that BTS’ Jin was the winner of the ‘Best OST Artist Award’ for his record-breaking OST (original soundtrack) ‘Yours’ in the K-drama ‘Jirisan’. At the same time, ARMY got the first episode of his new reality show ‘Office Warrior Kim Seokjin’. The Jin x MapleStory collaboration had everyone pleasantly surprised as the singer decided to become a game developer for his first solo project of BTS’ chapter 2. However, fans are claiming mistreatment as HYBE and BigHit has yet to promote or support Jin’s solo works.

ARMY were impressed that instead of going the usual route as most idols, Jin bagged a reality show and show off his planning skills for MapleStory. The first episode that was released on August 17 ended up trending at #2 on YouTube. BTS fans were busy congratulating Jin for the immediate popularity of his reality show, as well as the award that he won at TTA 2022. If that wasn’t enough, HYBE released voice letters of BTS. However, Jin’s voice letter was missing. The social media accounts of BTS also failed to promote ‘Office Warrior Kim Seokjin’ or congratulate his OST award.

Fans were upset that while HYBE was hyping up the Benny Blanco collab, Jungkook’s photofolio, ‘Run BTS!’ episode, J-hope’s solo debut promotions and BTS vlogs, there were no mentions of the MapleStory collab or TTA award. ARMY were also confused as to why the BigHit accounts did not retweet official posts if not creating new tweets specifically for Jin’s solo endeavours. It seems that Jin was also not given his TTA award as all the other winners uploaded a photo or a video with their awards on TTA’s accounts except the BTS star. And so, fans are slamming HYBE for this unfair treatment.

Upset fans trended ‘we are by your side Jin’ which seems to have caught his attention. The BTS star posted on Weverse which many think is in response to this alleged mistreatment. Jin posted a screenshot of ‘Office Warrior Kim Seokjin’ where he is giving a presentation. He captioned it, “After the presentation of PPT, I respect all people who do PPTs LOL…ARMY, I hope you come to HYBE someday and do a PPT…and thank you to our company staff for listening to my poor opinion and making the PPT with me.” Apart from applauding Jin for promoting his own show in a light-hearted manner, fans also think he is taking a dig at HYBE by asking fans to come and present their grievances through PPTs.

‘He knows’

ARMY made tweets like, “Seokjin said that armys should go to hybe and present things they want to say and to be able to listen to their opinion like what he did to nexon.  HE KNOWS. HE KNOWS.” Another said, “Jin weverse update ⭐️ no need hybe to do promotions, our baby warriors JIN can do it himself.” One ARMY commented, “Hi, BigHit. Jin's voice is missing from BTS' Voice Letter. He's the ONLY member EXCLUDED from the audio. We urgently remind u that JIN is also a member of the group and should be treated as one. BTS IS 7 NOT 6.”

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