Don't forget to watch it in front of your family, the new sweaty web series 'Kamwali Manju' has arrived on the internet.


Kaamwali Manju Web Series: In few days, Hokyo app has made a name for itself in adult series. One sweaty series after another but there are constant releases. Meanwhile, the makers released the new series. The name of the series is 'Kamwali Manju Part 2'.

By hearing the name of the series, you can guess what kind of juicy scenes will be in the series. The trailer was released earlier on YouTube. From there it becomes possible to see just how hot and sweaty this series is going to be. Priyanka Biswas (Manju) and Moumita Bhattacharya (Mitali) will be the main characters of the adult web series.

According to the story, a woman named Manju works in a man's house. All the men are practically smitten with her hot figure and lustful body. They will do anything to get him.

 Manju took that opportunity to have physical relations with them and took money. But in this way a problem will be created. Watch this series to know what that problem is. The first episode was a massive hit and sweat.

The series was released on the 12th of August through the Hockey app. Released in complete Hindi language which you can easily watch. Priyanka Biswas has practically broken all barriers of shyness with her body heat.

Before that, don't forget to subscribe to the app. But while watching this series at home remember to watch it in front of the kids but don't forget it.

Note that this content is for adults only.

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