Each time a BTS part comes online to share an overhaul with their adored Armed force,


And the banter never ends! Every time a BTS member comes online to share an update with their beloved ARMY, seems like the rest of the group gets summoned on the most random occasions. And this time, it is Suga's little post featuring his travel shenanigans that have left Jin intrigued.

For those of you who may not be aware, 

Suga recently embarked on a little trip, reunited with his furry friend Holly as he enjoyed his downtime before BTS' schedules are booked and busy all over again. In the midst of treating fans to new pictures, Jin noticed something that certainly drew his attention.

And that something seems to be just how skinny Suga looked!

 Dropping by under his post, Jin commented, "Why are you so skinny.. I've transferred you pocket money, buy yourself a meal." And while this seems like a perfectly wholesome thing to do, it takes a lot more to impress Mr Min Yoongi.

Calling out Jin's bluff, Suga trolled him by revealing, "I've checked my account and (the money) didn't come through?"

What do you think Jin must have retaliated with? Well, certainly not a witty jab. Ending the banter with a plain and simple "I am sorry," this was the end of the discussion on their end. Whether he is sorry for making false promises or for the money not going through still remains to be a mystery!

In any case, it is beyond adorable that BTS can pick up their phones and chat with each other any time they want, but they still choose to involve ARMY in their friendly conversation. Although most of the time it is either trolling or hyping each other.

What are your thoughts on the entire ordeal? Are you equally in awe of their cute little bond too? Let us know

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