Ghayel Pawan Singh under the warm touch of 'sexy' mani, romance went on in bed, if you don't see it, you will miss it.


Bhojpuri industry is slowly standing up along with other industries even though it remained at the bottom for a while. So currently, Tollywood is bringing the movies in the market to keep pace with the Bollywood industries, according to the choice of the director and the audience. And in the current generation people like a bit of sensual video which is heavily featured in Bhojpuri industry films. Due to the hard work of several leading actresses, the Bhojpuri industry is now taking place in people's minds.

Now a large number of Bhojpuri videos are available on YouTube and Facebook. In most cases Bhojpuri movies or song videos go viral on YouTube very quickly. And at most we see several couples in viral videos. Nirahua, (Nirahua) Amrapali (Amrapali), Monalisa, (Monalisa) Kajal Raghwani, (Kajal Raghwani) Pawan Singh (Pawan Singh) Mani Bhattacharya (Mani Bhattacharya) This industry is rising again. We often see dance videos of these actors and actresses on YouTube.

Recently an old dance video of Pawan Singh and Mani Bhattacharya has gone viral again on YouTube. Where the two are seen dancing wildly in bed. Mani Bhattacharya is seen banging thumka in the Bhojpuri song 'Palangiya Ae Priya'. The warmth of his body has risen among the young generation. Not only that, Pawan Singh's romance in a different way will raise people's eyes. Both are seen wearing yellow colored clothes.

The video was posted on a Bhojpuri YouTube channel. The video was posted 11 months ago on the channel named 'Bhojpuri Hit Ganne'. 94 target people have already viewed the video within 11 months. From this you can surely imagine how much people have started loving Bhojpuri industry. About 38 thousand people liked the video. And comment boxes are flooded with praises for the two hot hot actors.

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