Here are the details: These 5 ghostly films of South will beat Hollywood too


Here are the details: These 5 ghostly films of South will beat Hollywood too

According to the calculations, people like to watch horror movies even if they are afraid of ghosts. A section of the audience prefers action, romance and ghost movies. The feeling of watching a ghost movie in a dark room at night is different. The music of the movies sounds so horrible that every time it comes to the ears, it gives chills in the heart. Heart rate increases many times than normal. The movie brings all the bone-chilling events to the mountain. Below are five South Indian ghost movies that can compete with Hollywood ghost movies. These movies have Hindi remakes.

• Game Over : Ghost movies are being made on the OTT platform along with bold and realistic movies and series. Apart from being a psychological thriller, Taapsee Panu starrer 'Game Over' also has paranormal and horror activities. Get Ga Chamcham Kara movie on Netflix in Hindi language.

• Bhagamathi : South superstar actress Anushka Shetty's acting prowess goes without saying. With his acting skills, in the movie 'Bhagamathi' no one will understand at first that everything is to unmask the corrupt minister. At first the viewer will think that everything is happening for a real ghost. Get the movie in Hindi on Hotstar.

• Chandramukhi: Starring Rajinikanth, one of the superstars of southern cinema, this film is based on reincarnation. Seeing the actress Chandramukhi's outfit in the movie, everyone's mouth went dry with fear. Every piece of music in the story evokes fear in the body. The story is so popular that a movie has been made on the same story in Hindi.

• Kashmora: 'Kashmora' is a laugh and horror movie from Tamil cinema world. The movie opens with a man pretending to exorcise and talk to ghosts. He used to collect money from people for his work. The latter accidentally gets trapped in a real ghost world. In that place resides the spirit of an evil general who cut his throat several thousand years ago.

• Arundhati : The story depicts Queen Arundhati killing the tyrant king's son-in-law. His spirit is then trapped in a room in the palace. For some reason the evil forces are exposed and finally defeated by the good forces again. Every page of the movie has a mystery and shows the reincarnation of Queen Arundhati. Actress Anushka Shetty's performance in the movie is unparalleled.

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