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Intimate video of female students leaked, Viral: Extreme incivility is going on in the classroom during tiffin time


Coyote College, Tiffin Time. Students as well. Due to the lack of teachers, the students are facing extreme incivility.

Although there is CCTV CCTV around the college, the students are enjoying their romance by showing thumbs up to everything.


From hugging each other to kissing and engaging in many other sexually provocative activities. The video is now viral.

Three male students and four female students, engaged in passionate sex-tickling activities. There a student secretly took the video and posted it on social media.

After that, the video went viral and the students of that college were criticized. Almost many demand that certain female students should be expelled from the college and appropriate punishment applied.


The incident took place in a private college in Assam. In Ramanuj Gupta College in Silchar, sexual misconduct is going on. Meanwhile, the college authorities took strict action against those seven students.

Not limited to just hugs, they have committed the ultimate insult to educational institutions by embracing closeness, the net crowd claims. After the video went viral, the college took strict action.


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