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Leaked video of passionate sex with lover 'raw nut' girl Anjali Arora!


Anjali Arora's MMS Video Leaked Recently, What Anjali Said About Leaked Secret Video

Social media star Anjali Arora's MMS video has been leaked recently. She cried while responding to allegations of having sex with her male partner in front of the camera.

India's Anjali Arora gained popularity by dancing to Bhuvan Badyakar's viral song 'Kachcha Badam'. After that, Kangana Ranaut's Lock-Up Shoto came calling. In this show, Rajhi caught everyone's attention.


From there, many people opened up about his closeness with contestant Munwar Farooqui. Recently, Anjali was seen in the music video of 'Saregamapa' 'Saiya Dil Mein Ana Re'.

He has more than one crore followers on Instagram. In the meantime, news of Anjali's MMS video has been leaked. It drew mixed reactions on social media. One side is claiming that the video is of Anjali and started making fun of it. Another party stands beside Anjali and says the video is not Anjali's at all.


In such a situation, an interview video of Anjali was uploaded from her fan page. There the actress expressed her anger.

The star said the video is not his in any way. Some people just look for an excuse to troll. They don't even think about the impact such fake news can have on the star's family. Anjali cried while saying this.

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