Rafi says 'History will not be distorted', boycott if 'Naraye Takbir' is deleted


Rafi says 'History will not be distorted', boycott if 'Naraye Takbir' is deleted

Liberation war based film Damal is going to be released. Most of the shooting of this movie was done in the railway towns of Parvatipur and Syedpur. The delicate touch of the liberation war has come up in the camera. Because the memories of the liberation war are still fresh in these two railway cities, the walls are still talking.

 The trailer of the Rayhan Rafi-directed film has already been released, and has also become the talk of the town.

But a class claims that the Naraye Takbir slogan used in the trailer is not actually correct, Ekatarre Razakars did not use the Naraye Takbir slogan. Later in 1971, the leaflets promoted by the Razakars were taken out, the leaflets made by Razakars, Albadar, Alshams to attract the common people, Naraye Takbi is written there.

A blogger named Pinaki Bhattacharya later said on Facebook that he had a talk with Raihan Rafi. He will delete that part of the dialogue. After that, netizens in favor of the liberation war became furious. On Friday, lawyer and blogger Nijhum Majumder formally announced that if the dialogue is deleted, he will call for a boycott of the movie Damal.

However, on Friday afternoon, producer Raihan Rafi told Kal Kantha, 'History will never change. Many are trying to stir up the religious issue in various ways. A blogger named Pinaki wrote on Facebook that I will change that dialogue. Not really. I have said that there will be no such thing as sarcasm on religious matters, but that which is part of history cannot be erased anymore. '

The producer also said, "They are abusing me in many ways. But I will not compromise with the liberation war. No history will change in my movie. What was will be. I also posted on Facebook. '

The trailer of the blockbuster movie 'Damaal' produced by Impress Telefilm was released on Tuesday. After seeing the 2-minute trailer, netizens are saying, 'Great. '

Raihan Rafi, the most photogenic filmmaker of the time, made 'Damal' based on the original story of children's writer Faridur Reza Sagar, based on a historical incident that inspired the independent Bengali football team in 1971. The 'Paran'-famous producer said that 'Damal' is releasing on October 28.

The star-studded 'Damal' is jointly scripted by writer Nazim Ud Daula and director Raihan Rafi. Vidya Sinha Mim, Syam Ahmed, Shariful Raj, Saeed Babu, Rashed Mamun Apu, Sumit, Shahnaz Sumi, Lux star Athai, Syed Nazmus Saqib, Pooja, Rain and others acted in various roles.

On August 8, 'Damal' was allowed to release without cutting from the Film Censor Board. Censor board members were impressed by the movie.

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