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Shakib is finally returning to Dhallywood, Dhallywood King Shakib Khan is finally returning to Dhaka after 9 months.


Earlier, the news about the return of the country was published in the media, but it remained limited to rumours.

However, after 9 consecutive months, Dhallywood King Shakib Khan is finally returning to Dhaka. In the meantime, the tickets are booked and the bags are packed. In addition, on August 13, he gave a dinner party to close friends at an elite restaurant in Manhattan. Which can also be called farewell party.

Himel Ashraf, an expatriate in the United States, said that ticket booking and bag packing is over. The dinner party is over. Shakib Khan will board the flight at 9 am on August 16 (tomorrow) US time. The next day, August 17, Bangladesh time around 11 am will land in Dhaka. The producer said, '9 months passed in the blink of an eye. I did not think that I can spend so much time alone with my brother.

Which was impossible in the country. I am lucky for that. In these nine months we have planned a lot about the movie. I have almost completed the script and shooting plan for Rajkumar and Priyatma. The next time he comes, I will shoot.

Himel said that Shakib Khan will return to New York in November. Basically there is a plan to shoot two films then. However, Himel Ashraf also said that Shakib Khan's November visit will not be so long.

But why couldn't he take Shakib Khan to the field even in 9 months? In response, this producer said, 'Shooting is a small task. The main work is before that. Script, casting, location, song shooting plan - many more.

Which has to be completed before shooting. Only then the shooting is done properly. We could have shot at the end if we wanted it right, but I think Shakib bhai's mind was running towards the country.

This is normal, he did not leave the country for such a long time. So after coming back, we will shoot continuously. The same thing happened with my brother.

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