Step-By-Step Guide How to Enable Lockdown Mode in macOS Ventura

Step-By-Step Guide How to Enable Lockdown Mode in macOS Ventura Step-By-Step Guide How to Enable Lockdown Mode in macOS Ventura Step-By-Step Guide Ho
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 Over the past few years, Apple has slowly become a privacy-oriented company that respects its user’s privacy as much as it respects its own.

Continuing on this trend, Apple, along with the advent of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, has introduced a new Lockdown Mode for all its devices that promises to protect any user’s device from spyware or other malicious and targeted attacks.

The lockdown mode works by limiting what your device can do by blocking some of the most common backdoors or channels that cybercriminals are known to use when trying to infiltrate phones and computers.


That said, in this step-by-step guide, we will look at how you can easily enable lockdown mode on macOS to protect your mac from such malicious cyber attacks.

Step 1: On your Mac with the latest macOS, Ventura, go to System Settings. You can find it by clicking the little Apple logo found on the menu bar up top.

Step 2: inside System Settings, Navigate to Privacy & Security.

Step 3: Now, under Privacy and Security, look for the option that says Lockdown mode.

Step 4: You can turn it on by clicking on Turn on.

Step 5: Once you’ve clicked on Turn On, you need to restart your mac.

Once you have completed all the steps listed above and rebooted your mac, it goes into lockdown mode. Alternatively, you can Follow the same steps to disable the lockdown mode.

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