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Currently, she has become the queen of adult web series. Those web series became huge hits because of his bold scenes. Here we are talking about web series actress Ayesha Kapoor, who has always been seen in bold scenes. Recently, another web series of the actress 'Siyapaa' was released this year, which made the netizens sweat. Although she has been seen in many web series before, but in this series some scenes have been seen where the actress has crossed the limits of all shamelessness!

This web series is based on the story of 'Siyapa', father and son. And here Ayesha has broken all barriers of shame. Ayesha has seen more daring scenes than Seema in this TV series. And fans are sweating after seeing these scenes. However, Ayesha is not alone here, Simran Khan has also sweated in the series with her. Ayesha's bed scene with two men is bound to steal the night's sleep.

Ayesha Kapoor has added a dash of adventure to many web series. One of which is 'Jhol' and 'Mohar 2'. And apart from this series, he has kept his mood on social media as well. Be it Kokur's 'My Cousin Sister' or 'Office Scandal', everyone is bound to melt with her candid performance. Besides, the number of Instagram followers of the actress is more than one and a half lakh. Where, he posted a bold picture every day.

In fact, online theater or web series have become very popular in the social media as well as in the serial and film world while adapting to the technology. Because here their stories and acting have touched people's hearts, along with Hochihai, Ullu, Prime Short, these series include Adult Way series. And these days bold and adult web series have become a little more popular among the youth community.

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